League Rules

General Play

  • Single Elimination folks. If you lose your game, you’re out for the night.
  • Games are up to 11 points, and you need to win by 2.
  • First come, first serve!
  • There will be a winner every night, and that means prizes.
  • We’re a drop-in league, and you are your own 1 person team. Show up at 8:45pm to sign up to play.
  • Game play rules are available at Chainsaw. Ask our wildly friendly staff!

Challenges for the official ladder

More information coming soon.

Le Shin Swah House Rules

  • You do not talk about Le Shin Swah.
  • Just kidding, tell all your friends. Follow along @chainsawlovers #LeShinSwah
  • Do not set your drink on the table. Beer Pong is a completely different game.
  • Treat the equipment with respect. If you don’t, the equipment won’t respect you.
  • We all love a little competitive banter, but keep the jokes about Ping Pong. Le Shin Swah is for everyone.
  • Have fun. It’s mandatory.