Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the matches held?
At Chainsaw! 28 King Street N, Waterloo.

When do the matches happen?
Every Wednesday night 8:45pm – 11pm.

Can I bring my own equipment?
Yes, but ours will always be available for you.

Can I bring friends to watch?
Of course! Bring all of your friends. We want both players and spectators to attend Le Shin Swah.

What should I wear?
Our league t shirt! Newcomers get one free!

What if I miss a league night?
Nothing… but if you don’t show up, you’ll gradually creep down the ladder – because people below you will inevitably earn more points than you.

Can I have a beer while I play?
Yes. But beware it may affect your coordination.
And remember, no beers will be allowed on our game tables.

Does it cost anything to play?
It’s free!

What if I show up after 8:45pm?
We start playing around 9pm, so don’t be later than that.

How many people can play?
We can accommodate up to 40!

When does Foosball start?
After Ping Pong, around 11pm.