Le Shin Swah: Chainsaw's Table Tennis League

Yeah. We've Got One of Those Now

We brought you cheap beer and karaoke. Now, after five years, we bring you… cheap beer and Ping Pong. The idea’s been brewing for a long time – even longer than our fries have been in the freezer. There’s nothing more fun than slapping your balls around, and now you can do it in public!

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not turning the bar into some kind of health club. But if you want to swing your paddle back and forth, you’ve found the place. And if you play to win, we’ve worked out a ladder ranking system and have some killer prizes lined up.

You’ve got two hands, and you only need one to hold your beer. Sign up today.

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First come, first serve. We play every Wednesday night! Sign up is at 8:30pm, and we play from 9pm to 11pm.

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Need More information?

Have a look at our league Rules, and read our FAQ!